Add juices to your diet …

I’m writing this at the end of February looking out at the horizontal white haze of a snow blizzard, my daughter, who was getting cabin fever, went out to meet a friend for a walk / sledge as it had temporarily calmed down to just a gentle snow flurry … I’m now expecting the abominable […]

Menopausal hiccups…and tea!

Slight hesitation before writing this post, my aim for the blog being a place where you can go to dip in and out of interesting and relevant blog posts, gaining pertinent insights into the complexities of the menopause which will then help you to manage your symptoms more easily and effectively…but…not to be faced with […]

autumn soup
Delicious autumn vegetable soup

  We had our first frosty morning up here in Scotland the other day – absolutely wonderful walking the dogs crunching through the frosty undergrowth before anyone else was up and about with only the odd deer and hare on the horizon. So…before I started work I whizzed up this delicious, nutritious soup, seriously didn’t […]