Tumeric cake

Tumeric cake A friend recently made this cake for us – brilliant recipe – I had to pass it on to you all…plus it works every time! The spicy aromatic flavours combined with the almonds make this a delicious, moist cake that lasts for quite a few days. If you want a gluten-free option, simply […]

Add juices to your diet …

I’m writing this at the end of February looking out at the horizontal white haze of a snow blizzard, my daughter, who was getting cabin fever, went out to meet a friend for a walk / sledge as it had temporarily calmed down to just a gentle snow flurry … I’m now expecting the abominable […]

Delicious salmon & spinach stir-fry

First things first – whilst you’re cooking – swop your glass of wine / gin & tonic for a glass of elderflower cordial – put some ice in ‘chink chink’ you wont notice the difference – and you’ll sleep better – if you are however screaming at your computer whilst reading this having had a […]